3 things to know about the Myers Briggs test and how to use it

A test that uses blood to measure how fast blood is being drawn can be used to detect serious health problems, including blood clots, which are more common in older people, a Mayo Clinic doctor told Mashable. 

The blood test can be applied to a patient’s body using an adhesive bandage or swabbed on a cotton pad. 

A blood sample is taken and then taken to a lab to analyze it. 

If the sample tests positive, the test can then be run on the patient’s blood to determine if the person has a blood clot. 

But the test has been controversial. 

In 2013, the National Institutes of Health removed the Myers B. Briggs test from its list of “core diagnostic tests.” 

In 2016, a Massachusetts medical group sued the agency over the removal, saying the test did not meet “fundamental medical needs.” 

Since then, several other companies have tried to improve on the Myers test, including a new version that uses a blood sample. 

This test is also used to determine blood clotting and stroke risk in older adults. 

To learn more about blood tests, check out this video.