A viral pregnancy test is now available online, according to CVS

CVS Health announced that it is now accepting pre-orders for the CVS Zika pregnancy test and has updated the instructions for the test.

The Zika test can detect a small amount of Zika virus in saliva, which can be used as a screening tool for pregnant women, according the announcement.

The Zika test is also designed to be easily used by people who don’t have a lab test or who have symptoms of Zika infection.

CVS plans to roll out the test in Australia and New Zealand by the end of March.

CVS says that people who are pregnant and who have not yet received a prenatal diagnosis should not use the Zika test, as they could still be infected with the virus.

While CVS did not provide any information on when the Zika testing would be available, it did confirm that the test would be ready for pre-order in Australia in early March.

CVCVS says its new Zika test will be available for preorder in CVS stores by the middle of March and in CVC stores by early April.

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