Canada’s top cancer patient says she was diagnosed with cancer at 28

CBC News has learned a cancer patient in Toronto says she had a tumour removed at the age of 28, after doctors detected antibodies to the coronavirus.

“I was a little bit concerned,” said Dr. Christine Pang, a breast cancer specialist at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital.

She was diagnosed in October, two weeks after a colleague in the cancer treatment field at Mount Sinai had a similar tumour.

Pang was treated at the time with a cancer drug called clomiphene citrate.

The test is also a risk factor for cancer, as is the presence of antibodies to coronaviruses.

She said she was told she would need chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The next day, she was discharged from hospital.

Pangs family was devastated, but said they are “absolutely ecstatic” to have her back home.

“We just can’t believe it, we were so scared,” said Pang.

“It’s just been unbelievable.”

Pang has been in contact with other cancer patients across the country.

She believes her diagnosis is an example of how the virus can be suppressed, and that more research is needed to understand how to fight it.

She has also spoken about the impact of coronavireptivirus on her family and friends, including her brother, who recently died.

She’s hopeful that with more testing and treatments, her brother will one day return to his former life.

“If it’s possible, we would be happy,” said a tearful Pang during an interview on CBC News Network’s Power & Passion.