Comcast has launched a new test to help identify whether a broadband user is a suspect in the death of a former employee

Comcast has released an automated test that can be used to help determine whether a person is at high risk of being a suspect for the death or disappearance of a Comcast employee.

The new test was first introduced in October.

It is designed to help detect a user who is known to have a history of using the internet, such as using a botnet to access or install malware.

The Comcast test will work by taking a picture of a user’s fingerprint and then asking questions about whether the user is suspected of involvement in a crime or death.

Comcast says it will collect this information from the person’s IP address, IP address type, network protocol type, time and date stamp, and the user’s name.

If a person was found to be a suspect, Comcast would ask for an email address from Comcast to confirm the suspicion.

Comcast would then send an email to the person asking them to sign in to the account with their Comcast account to verify the identity.

Comcast will also send an alert to Comcast customers if the person is suspected or if the user has failed the test.

If the test is successful, Comcast will send a confirmation email to Comcast subscribers.

The test will only work if the Comcast customer is signed into the Comcast account, according to Comcast.

It will only send out the alert if the customer failed the testing, and will not send out a notification if the test was successful.

Composite photo of Comcast test, left, and test of an automated email.

Computers automated test is not a substitute for a police or coroner’s investigation.

If you are concerned that someone you know is a suspected suspect in a homicide, sexual assault, or robbery, you should always contact your local police department.

Comcast does not recommend that Comcast customers use the test to confirm their suspicions.