How bipolar disorder can affect a job interview

By using bipolar disorder as an example, Dr. Jayesh Kumar explains how bipolar disorder affects job interviews.

Dr. Jayesh Kumar is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, both of whom are based in Chennai.

He is currently working with young people in his programme, The Mind-Body Workflow.

The Mental Health Foundation of India is a charitable foundation working on various mental health issues.

Dr Kumar has been working with students, adolescents and adults in Tamil Nadu and Kerala for the past 12 years.

The organisation has a network of around 20,000 students across the state.

The group works with young individuals to get them involved in mental health and social support.

This is an important area where there is no shortage of opportunities for young people to get help, said Dr Kumar.

There are around 1.7 million students in the State.

They are enrolled in schools and colleges and are looking for employment.

“It is very important to them that they come in contact with psychiatrists, social workers and psychologists who can help them in their job search,” he said.

The Foundation works with various schools, colleges and colleges to ensure students get the support they need.

Students are advised to visit the counselling centre regularly.

The centre also provides free accommodation and food to students.

Dr Kannan Kumar, a lecturer in Psychology at the University of Hyderabad, said that there are various mental disorders, but mental health is the most important one for people with bipolar disorder.

“Bipolar disorder is associated with a lack of insight and communication skills.

This makes it difficult for the person to cope with social situations,” he added.

People with bipolar can experience symptoms like depression, anxiety, anxiety disorder and panic attacks.

“This is a problem because they don’t understand that they have an illness and can’t control it,” said Dr Kannans.

He explained that there is a need for awareness and education.

“Educating the students about the importance of being aware of their symptoms and the importance that it should be treated is essential,” he continued.