How to be a successful ged teacher

I think a lot of the work we do is based on trying to get better.

I think a good teacher is a good listener.

A good teacher listens.

If you listen to the teacher, you’re going to get what you need.

And, when you listen, you know what the teacher is saying.

So, when the teacher says, “We’re not doing this right now,” you know he’s listening.

When the teacher tells you, “Go ahead and take it as a challenge, that’s great,” you’ll be able to do that.

In this case, the challenge is a practice test.

As a teacher, if I have to listen to you, then I’m going to give you a lot less information.

But, if you’re an enthusiastic student, you can find something that is valuable.

You can do the work of getting better.

And, if it’s the first time you’re trying something new, it’s important to have that first experience.

We’re really good at giving you what you want, right?

You’re always looking for more.

And you’re always trying new things.

So, you have to be ready for that first time.

There’s no substitute for having that first practice test, which I think will help you tremendously in your practice.