How to make the most of your college-prep test prep time

TEXAS ATHLETICS: The Dallas Mavericks are hoping their practice test preparation is going to help their players get better.

After a two-year hiatus, the Mavericks will be hosting a series of practice tests to get their players ready for the 2017-18 season.

The series is expected to take place between June 12 and July 14, with the first game set for Wednesday, July 12.

The first two days of practice will focus on team fundamentals, while the final two days will focus around defensive fundamentals.

Mavs GM Ryan McDonough told reporters on Thursday the series will help the team prepare for its first-round playoff series with the New Orleans Pelicans.

“We are looking at what it means to play in a competitive environment and it’s a game of confidence,” he said.

“And then the other side of it is trying to do the things we can control and make sure that our team is ready for it.”

While the Mavericks are expected to be a tough opponent, the series against the Pelicans is expected not to be as hard as it has been in previous years.

The Pelicans have struggled to score in the postseason this season, and their bench has played a huge role in the team’s struggles.

“You see teams that have a lot of talent in the paint, teams that are really aggressive, and you see teams who are very physical and have a great rebounding team,” McDonaughey said.

McDonaugough also discussed his team’s recent offseason changes, including trading point guard Mo Williams and point guard Jeremy Lamb, and said he believes the team can continue to improve as the season progresses.

McDonough is hoping that the series between the Mavericks and Pelicans will provide a solid example of what the team is capable of going forward.