How to test your iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XS Max Premium on free iQ test

iQ has published an article which describes how to test the new iPhone X and iPhone Pro, both of which will be available to buy this year.

If you’re an iPhone owner, iQ is giving you the ability to test and benchmark the new devices for free.

The article explains how to do this using iQ’s free iPhone X simulator, which runs on a new device and will launch with iOS 11 on September 30.

It can also test the iPhone X from the Apple Watch, and the iPhone Pro from Apple Watch Sport.

The simulator allows you to simulate the physical and mental differences between the two phones, and to test for the iPhone 9S Plus, iPhone 9X, and iPhone 9.iQ says it’s been “testing and benchmarking all iPhone models to give you a better idea of how iPhone 10 looks and feels”.

The iPhone X is currently available to preorder for $1,799 from iQ and the new iPhones will go on sale on September 25.iPhone Xs Plus is $1 of that price.

Apple Watch Sport, iPhone X Plus, and new iPhone 9s Plus will be priced at $299.

The iPhone 9 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus will remain the same price.iPhone 9s is currently priced at an $89.99 price, while iPhone 8 is priced at a slightly cheaper $149.99.

Apple iPhone X vs iPhone 9