How to use the Rapid Test tool

When you’re experiencing a virus, your phone might be running out of memory, but you don’t want to put it through the same process again.

You’ll need to use a virus test, and it’ll also take a few minutes.

You can find out how to do a virus scan and test your phone in the Windows 10 FAQ.

Verizon is offering an upgrade to Windows 10 for $15.

If you need to downgrade, you can do it for free.

The company also offers a free upgrade to the OS for anyone who purchased an iPhone 5s, 5c, or 6s, but does not offer the same upgrade for the latest Windows 10 phones.

The Windows 10 upgrade can be done by going to Settings > Update & security > Upgrade and clicking on the “Upgrade Now” button.

Verizon also says the upgrade is compatible with phones running the Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 Insider Preview builds.

If you’re on the fence about Windows 10, you might want to wait a little longer.

The upgrade is available now and you can find it on Verizon’s website, but it won’t be available to everyone until September 30.