Nike’s test shows it’s no longer a leader in ‘nose’ blood test

Nike has announced it will soon be testing its own tests for blood type, with the test claiming it has “doubled” the level of test-positive results compared to last year.

The company said it will start testing its products at its retail stores starting in late April and will eventually move to the sporting goods chain’s retail channels.

“Nike is excited to be adding its unique expertise to the Nike iQ blood test and is proud to be the first in the world to test for blood types,” said Nike CEO, Tom Yee, in a statement.

“We will now offer our iQ Blood Test to our retail stores, as well as at sporting goods stores and sporting events across the country, where we can offer our customers a greater understanding of their blood type.”

Our iQ test can help identify blood type that is unique to individuals and is a critical tool for sports enthusiasts, including elite athletes, to track their progress on the track and field and to identify any health risks associated with their blood types.

“The Nike iq Blood Test was developed in collaboration with Dr Tom Gaffney, an expert in blood type testing, and is the first of its kind.

It is also the first blood test to feature facial recognition technology, meaning the Nike test will be able to identify a person based on their facial features.

Nike has also been testing its iQ system in other sports, with a Nike Pro Cycling test in late June which also found it had surpassed its rivals.