RTE show to test ‘psychopathy’ and ‘mental illness’ in the new edition

NEW YORK, NY — The RTE science show is testing “psychopathy” and “mental illness” in the latest edition of its popular ‘psychometer’ test, the network announced Monday.

The show, which will air every Wednesday and Friday on ITV, will feature six new episodes, and the new series will feature a different type of ‘psychologist’ every week.

This new edition of the show is an all-new edition, the first time RTE has ever tested a diagnostic test on an entire population.

“We are excited to be testing new diagnostic measures for people in this new era of mental illness,” said RTE chairman and chief executive Andrew Gwynne.

A mental health expert from the US, Dr. James Deutsch, is slated to take part in the test.

In the RTE tests, viewers have to rate each participant on a scale from 0 (completely unimpressed) to 5 (completely impressed).

The new series of tests is called “The Mental Health Professionals Test.”