Test results of new drug for HIV may have led to new breakthrough

A Canadian company has announced results of a new HIV test that could lead to a breakthrough in treating HIV patients.

The company, called Boosted, has raised $3.3 million in a fundraising round from pharmaceutical companies and other investors, the Toronto Star reports.

Boosted says the test will be available within the next two weeks, and that the company is working with a number of healthcare organizations to deliver it.

The test, which uses a different technique than the one used in other HIV tests, is being marketed as a first-line HIV test.

The tests have been used in Canada since 2006 and around the world, but there are currently no tests available for use in the U.S. Boosts test is the first in the world to have a fully human test that is capable of measuring antibodies in blood.

Boost has said it plans to continue to develop the test and develop a second one.

It will be distributed by pharmaceutical companies in the coming months.

“It’s an exciting time,” said John McNeil, CEO of Boosted.

“We’re excited to be the first to get our products in the hands of patients and provide them with the confidence to take a test that they’ll be able to take and that will be the only way to truly identify patients with HIV.”

Boosted CEO John McNeill says the company’s test will help identify people with HIV.

“The ability to use that test to get an accurate diagnosis is really important to us and our patients,” McNeil said.

“So we’re really excited about the potential of this technology and how it can help improve patient care.”

McNeil is a former HIV doctor who also founded and leads a company called Surgical Genetics, which develops a gene-editing technique to improve gene therapy in HIV patients, the CBC reported.

McNeil says the new test is designed to help diagnose people at higher risk for HIV.

McNeill said the test’s potential has not been explored in the medical world, because it requires a large amount of blood samples.

“There are a number, many thousands of HIV patients that don’t have blood in their system that are potentially at higher-risk for HIV,” McNeill told the CBC.

“But in general, the idea that we’re looking at this as a potential breakthrough, I think is something that’s really important for the pharmaceutical industry to realize.”

McNeill also told the outlet that there is a big difference between HIV and AIDS, saying “hiv can be treated and cured,” but “AIDS is just a chronic disease.”

“HIV is a chronic, life-threatening disease that can take over your life.

It can affect the quality of your life, your ability to work, your social life, all of your other aspects of your lives,” McNaughton said.

McNagan told the news outlet that the test is “the most powerful test for identifying the virus” and is a “significant step” in the right direction.

“Our goal is to get people who are most at risk of contracting HIV to the test, to have the most accurate, reliable, and effective diagnosis possible,” McNielsen told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. “I think it’s going to make a big impact on the disease in the long run.”

The company has not yet revealed how much of the funding has been raised, but McNeil told the Toronto Sun that the total amount raised will be “in the range of a million dollars.”

He said the company has also received funding from a number other companies.

The Toronto Star reported that the funding was led by Toronto-based pharmaceutical company Theranos, which has raised nearly $3 million over the past year.

“Theranos is thrilled to have funded this important first step in the development of a highly accurate HIV test and is proud to be working with Boosted to deliver the test in Canada,” Theranos said in a statement.

“Hiv is a complex disease, with different symptoms, different diagnoses, different treatment options and even different treatments, and this test provides the most definitive diagnosis to date.”

Theranos also partnered with Boost on a new product, called an HIV biomarker.

The BioBoost device uses a DNA-sequencing method to identify antibodies that can be used to track HIV and other infections.

Theranos has also partnered on a drug called HIVX that could be the new standard for testing for HIV and related infections.

“This is a tremendous day for us and the world,” Therans spokesperson Rachel Kavanagh said in an emailed statement.

Kavanah said that the BioBoost and BioX products are “the two products that will have the biggest impact on HIV testing in the next few years.”

The BioX product was also funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

In addition to Boosted and Theranos and Therans, Boost also partners with Bio-Vital, an organization that aims to bring more advanced genetic testing to people around the globe.

Boost hopes to launch the BioX test within two weeks