The Truth About Us: You Can’t Read Me

Vice News is proud to present our latest installment of The Truth Is On Us, a series of articles by Vice journalists investigating the most pressing news, trends and political issues.

This week, we examine the latest news concerning the Trump administration, including: -The U.S. military will begin deploying its first B-52 bomber to the Middle East – The House of Representatives has passed legislation that will allow the Trump Administration to block the release of certain information regarding the health of military veterans, the White House said in a statement.

The legislation, the Veterans Accountability Protection Act, passed by the House on Monday and will now head to the Senate. 

Vice News will keep you up to date on news about military matters.

This is the third installment of the Truth Is on Us series.

Read all the previous installments here: The U.N. Security Council unanimously approved the resolution condemning the killing of civilians in the conflict in Syria and calling for the immediate halt of hostilities.

Meanwhile, a group of scientists have published a report claiming to show that global warming is not caused by human activity and that a recent slowdown in the global warming rate may be linked to the end of a major ice age.

According to the researchers, a slowdown in warming has coincided with the end to a period of extreme cold in the Arctic Ocean.

In its statement, the scientists said that their study is the first to show a link between warming temperatures and a cooling trend in the Northern Hemisphere. 

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