What the CDC told me about the COVID-19 vaccine

CDC scientists have said the CDC’s COVID vaccine is likely to work, but they haven’t made it clear what the tests are or how it will compare to existing COVID vaccines.

As of Thursday, there were just 10 states that have received the vaccine, and there is no specific schedule or cost for its use.

In a statement, the CDC said that the tests should provide a baseline of safety and that the CDC is in the process of finalizing the tests.

The statement added that tests should be conducted in a laboratory setting and the results should be shared with state and local governments.

While some vaccines contain a different ingredient, the vaccine manufacturers have said that they are using the same one for the current testing.

Some vaccine makers have said they are not confident in the safety of the vaccine’s ingredients.

CDC spokeswoman Jennifer Kelleher said Thursday that the vaccine has been tested in humans and animals, including pregnant women.

But she declined to provide details about the results.

The tests are being done under the direction of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, or NIAID.

Kellehar said the vaccine will not be released to the public until a “well-designed, long-term, randomized controlled trial is conducted to evaluate safety, efficacy, and tolerability.”

The tests will look at how well the vaccine protects against the virus, the types of people who are at high risk of contracting the virus and the extent of any side effects.