When will the first full-season NFL game be televised?

There have been only three full-time NFL games broadcast in 2017 so far, with each game being a two-hour package that is usually broadcast in prime time on a Friday night.

The first one was the New England Patriots-Dallas Cowboys game on November 30.

The second was the Philadelphia Eagles-New York Giants game on January 13, and the third was the Pittsburgh Steelers-Seattle Seahawks game on March 10.

With the game on the road on March 31, that means the NFL will be playing a full season game in New York City.

The league has a new broadcast deal with Fox Sports, which will air the 2018 season games on FOX.

The New York Jets and New England have been in negotiations with Fox to broadcast games there.

The NFL has been trying to negotiate a new television contract with Comcast, which is owned by NBC Universal.