Which states have the highest rates of psychopathy?

By the time you read this, the national average for all Americans will have reached 11.4 per 1,000 adults, according to the latest figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

That’s the highest in almost a decade, and it’s just the latest data from a survey released this week that’s been used by the Trump administration to attack charter schools. 

The results of the survey come from a poll of nearly 9,000 Americans conducted by YouGov in October. 

In this year’s survey, the most common psychopathic traits were narcissism and grandiosity. 

Among other traits, the poll found that nearly nine out of 10 Americans said they were “very likely” to be a narcissist. 

One in four Americans surveyed said they thought they were a grandiose narcissist, and a third said they believed they had the personality of a narcissism.

More than four in 10 Americans surveyed believed they were an “involuntary person” who had no control over their actions.

The survey found that while many Americans believed that charter schools were helping to educate disadvantaged students, most believed that they were not.

About nine out 10 Americans thought that charter school teachers were a “poor substitute for teachers” who were paid “very little” or “none at all.” 

About four in five Americans said that charter operators did not follow the rules of the profession, such as reporting child abuse or neglect.

More than half of Americans said charter schools are not helping the country’s poor, and nearly one in three said charter operators were hurting the economy.

The Trump administration is trying to use charter school data to attack public schools, which is why it has repeatedly used the poll to attack them.

In the past, the Trump team has used the survey to attack the charter schools in states where charter schools have been operating.

In 2018, the president blamed charter schools for making the U.S. “look like an economic basket case.”

In the current survey, there were no findings on the results of this year, but Trump did use the poll as a justification for why he believes charter schools should not be allowed to operate in the United States.

“The Trump Administration will not allow charter schools to reopen,” the president said in his speech in October, referencing the charter school movement.

“They have no business in this country.”

The Trump White House has not yet responded to a request for comment from The Associated Press.